About Venus DC

The company

Venus Drugs & Cosmetics ltd. is a manufacturer, importer and exporter of natural cosmetics, perfumes and other related products. dealing with companies of national and international repute in personal care products.

Venus DC is an associated company of one of India’s largest & oldest Ayurvedic company (more than 100 years old) viz “The Zandu Pharmaceutical Works Ltd.”

The company has been engaged in the manufacturing of cosmetic products through several years by importing packing materials from Italy, the company has started its production and since then the company is engaged in the production and developing innovative cosmetic and perfumery products as well as developing Brand Manufacturing Products.

Mr. Kishore Shah, President of the company with a strong family background of manufacturing cosmetics, perfumery and food products and has created several products which were introduced for the first time in India.

The people

After completing studies in ayurvedic medicine and cosmetology, Kishore Shah works in collaboration with Zandu Laboratories. To produce his own brand he created VENUS Drugs & Cosmetics, situated on the outskirts of Mumbai.

Marielle Castaing has studied and taught Yoga for more than 30 years, and has travelled widely throughout Europe, Africa and India. It was here she discovered ayurvedic medicine, through close contacts with doctors and scientists of the discipline working at Zandu, a top ayurverdic laboratory.

At this point Marielle teamed up with Kishore Shah to create and manufacture a range of natural beauty products for the face and body - the NEPSIS brand.

The products
On this site you will find both NEPSIS and Venus DC products. The NEPSIS brand specifically targets beauty care products, and the Venus DC brand covers more general healthcare and lifestyle products.


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