F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about THE COMPANY
What is Venus Drugs & Cosmetics?
How long have they been in business?
Where are they based?
What do they sell?
Are they the exclusive distributors of this product?
What guarantees & references does this company offer?
I am in India - can I visit the factory?

Questions about THE CUSTOMERS
Who uses this product - who are your typical customers?
Where are your customers located geographically?
I am a redhead with freckles - is this product suitable for my skin?

Questions about THE PRODUCTS
Who invented the NEPSIS Ayurvedic product range, and how long ago?
Who manufactures it?
What is AYURVEDA, and how does it relate to the product?
Why should I use this product - what benefits will it bring me?
Why should I buy this product, and not a cheaper rival product?
What tests and trials has this product been subjected to before being released?
How much does it cost?

Questions about THE TRANSACTION
What are the exact TERMS & CONDITIONS of my purchase?
What is the PayPal system?
Can I trust the PayPal system?
I don't want to divulge my credit card number online - how can I order?
Can I do online tracking of my shipment?
Is the shipment insured?
The package arrived damaged - what should I do?
I don't like this product - can I return it to you and be reimbursed?
It's a present for someone - can you gift-wrap the product?
I want more information before making a purchase - who should I contact?
Can I buy in quantity as a wholesaler, to resell in my country?
I'm interested in the science of AYURVEDA - do you have any links to other sites?


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